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“To consistently deliver customer focused, affordable cutting-edge technology assisting Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to profitably and efficiently utilize their IT capabilities.”

If Information Technology is an essential element of your business but you either do not have the time, specialist expertise or financial resources to manage them, then our services are exactly what you need. Our fully trained support team will take away the strain of juggling IT management with other areas of business, reducing system down time and positively impacting upon the productivity of your workforce.

The company began with the vision of providing affordable yet corporate quality IT support and services to SMEs in London and United Kingdom, and this is still our goal today. Our philosophy is simple, remove the stress associated with technology.

In order to ensure our clients are offered the best possible service we always have to stay one step ahead. As a result, common place Outsourcing has paved the way for Managed IT Services. SNS IT Ltd has taken the position of offering Managed Services designed to enhance and develop your network’s performance as opposed to simply just fixing it.

Managed Services offer innovative and essential functions and products for each level of business. Working with or as your IT Department, SNS IT Ltd focuses on putting you back in control of your technology.

Your bespoke solution will be designed with your budget and your needs at the core.


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