Business Protect

What is Business Protect?

SNS IT’s Business Protect is a unique hosted service that allows you to back up and restore all data, files and emails held on your network.  No more back up tapes.  No more tape drives. Just a secure, fast and automated system that guarantees you access to the data and emails vital for your clients organisation.

The Business Protect service utilises our Online Backup software to automatically encrypt and send the data over the internet to our secure data centers throughout the day and night.  You can retrieve any individual files or restore the entire system, whatever the problem.  If the server is down, you can access the back up files instantly, allowing the business to continue working without interruption.

We can arrange remote desktop access so critical documents can be utilized as the restore is in progress, and provide a web portal login to access the last 30 days of sent and received emails via our Email Continuity service.

What does our Business Protect service offer?

For a fixed monthly fee, that could be as low as £5 a month, our service has a range of benefits that allows any business or organisation to:

  • Securely encrypt and back up all files, System State, SQL databases, Exchange database and mailboxes to our secure off site servers.
  • Set schedules to back up the data over the internet throughout the day and night.
  • Have access to critical databases and documents, including Microsoft Office, Acrobat and jpg files directly over the internet In the event of an incident.
  • Options to recover data from other applications such as Sage, MySQL and Oracle.
  • Gain immediate access to new email if your server is unavailable