Email Continuity

Zero Email Downtime

It’s a nightmare for any organisation when their email service crashes, cutting them off from all the people trying to contact them – customers, suppliers, partners.  The impact and costs of email downtime can be considerable.  Our Email Continuity service provides the solution.

Email Continuity stores all your email at our secure data centre to give you access 24/7.  If your email server has a problem, you can instantly log on to your backup system and continue to send and receive email from office or home.

Every employee will have access to new email and old email from the last 30 days until your own system is fixed.

What does our Email Continuity offer?

  • Keep working. If the worst happens – your server goes down or your office is out of operation – our Email Continuity service allows every member of staff to continue sending and receiving email until your system is working again.
  • Automatic access to new – and old – email. Email Continuity provides instant access to all email (internal and external) for the past 30 days.
  • Your email is always safe. Email Continuity stores your organisation’s email at a secure data centre, located outside London for extra security, to give you total peace of mind.
  • Better still, prices start from as little as £43 per month, for enterprises with less than 10 employees.