As businesses navigate uncertainties in a highly volatile world, the stakes have never been higher in their struggle for survival. For businesses reeling under pressure, digital transformation of their Accounts Payable (AP) function is no longer a matter of choice – it is an absolute necessity. With a direct line of sight into supply chain, working capital and compliance, digital-led AP is emerging as a key driver of sustainable growth.
However, a wide gap exists between the current state and desired digitised future state of most AP functions. The need of the hour is a future-ready Digital Hub enabled by touchless, collaborative and open ecosystems. Powered by real-time insights, this hub helps businesses generate value through enhanced supplier engagement, incremental free cash flow, and heightened control and compliance.

  • Electronic PO within a B2B network platform
  • Electronic Tax Compliance
  • API-enabled Integration and Ecosystem to develop bolt-on apps
  • Workflows with time stamps
  • Documents stored on secure cloud with access anywhere, anytime based on pre-defined user permission and authority

SNS IT Solutions are proud to launch a comprehensive suite of solutions to provide a seamless end-to-end integration of your AP function and Document Management.

Our smart invoice processing solution is an advanced data extraction application using a combination of 4 OCR engines to locate and extract data from purchase invoices based on templates designed in accordance to user’s requirements of posting accounting data in their account’s application. This solution automates invoice processing from scanned images or PDF invoices, extracts data, classifies, validates, sorts and archives to speed up the accounts payable process.

Key feature summary –

  • Automatically extracts data from paper invoices using OCR technology
  • Integrates with most financial products (Sage, NAV, Dynamics, SAP. QuickBooks…)
  • Scans invoices – direct scanner connection
  • Supports PDF and image files
  • Automatically captures invoice data – both invoice header and line item table
  • Validates captured data against a configurable set of rules
  • Can be trained by the operator
  • Fully configurable – custom forms, validation rules, mapping definitions
  • Reduces error rate
  • Saves time and money
  • Single PC to server based multiple PC installation

The advanced document management system brings the future of company’s document management and data distribution into today’s world. The document management solution shortens the time required to organise and handle documents within an enterprise significantly. This is noticeably more productive and more efficient way of working reducing costs significantly and adding efficiency into businesses.

The solution covers all working stages that a document goes through in modern enterprises: from recording paper documents, or handling documents already in digital format, across search and retrieval to secure archiving of data – all functions are covered. Moreover, it’s not limited to a single location: up to 128 servers can work together in a network, enabling enterprises to gain the benefits even when operating on a global footing.

Key feature summary –

  • Enterprise, Small Business and Cloud based (on Microsoft Azure) versions
  • Integration – MS Office, Windows, ERPs, SDK available
  • Storage schema – unlimited document cabinets & types, unlimited metadata fields, advanced keywords, automatic field values, customisable index layout
  • Indexing – append/prepend/insert/duplicate checking, revision control, record management
  • Capture – automatic document indexing, save email attachments, online/offline modes
  • Viewing – built-in viewer with thumbnails, multiple documents, annotations, windows explorer client
  • East of use – full text OCR, browser client, print, mobile solutions (iOS, Android)
  • Business process management – automate sending documents using predefined processes triggering actions for users
  • Security & Compliance – 64-bit supported, user & group controls and management, activity reports, retention control, ISO, SOX compliance, HMRC

To derive maximum benefits, it is important to deploy the complete end-to-end solution. However, given its modular nature, implementing even parts and integrating with your existing systems is absolutely possible. For further information, call now on 0330 055 7576.