IT Assistant

With the IT Assistant, you get all the preventative maintenance you would expect from your IT provider once a month — except now you’ll get it every day. We monitor your network for all important error messages and warnings and keep your systems patched and up¬dated. Add to that user access to our live Support Centre for remote support by phone and over the Internet, and the IT Assistant,  Plan is a great first step into the SNS IT’s managed IT services

End User Support Portal+

We use comprehensive integrated help desk and trouble ticketing system that helps our IT professionals to easily manage user’s expectations by providing IT support personnel with the tools they need to resolve issues quickly. Users and support personnel can interact in real time to report, diagnose and resolve issues  without ever having to physically visit the desktop. Help Desk and Trouble Ticketing system is very easy to use and does not require consultants or long training cycles to start using it. Keep track of issues, resolve them quickly and increase customer satisfaction today!

System Patch Management

Fast, easy and reliable Patch Management to keep your servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates. Our Patch Management automatically discovers of all missing patches and updates. As an administrator we have the ability to automate the entire patch scan process including scheduling when each machine is scanned and what patches and or updates have been approved for installation. The scan results for each computer is stored for later use on. Report can generate for the complete patch history for each machine including missing patches and patches that have been successfully applied.  Once the initial scans are completed quickly review the results for each machine and decide if, when and how each missing patch or update will be applied.

24×7 Network Monitoring and Alerts

Network  and Computer Monitoring Software monitors what is going on with network so it can be stopped or try to eliminate problems before they occur. Monitoring system instantly notifies when critical servers go down, a user alters their configuration, disk space reaches a certain level, or a possible security threat occurs.

Down time is not acceptable – Keep your computing infrastructure running and your users productive!

Daily System Audits+

Fast, accurate and up to date Audit and Discovery of your entire computing infrastructure. Get a complete and comprehensive software   and hardware inventory delivered right to your desktop  automatically.

Monthly Management Reports

The ability to accumulate, track and analyze data over time is invaluable for tactical and strategic planning. Comprehensive integrated reporting for all data collected and stored in the system and available for various usage like upgrade, repair or any future IT development. From hardware and software inventory to bandwidth usage and server uptime, information needed to effectively manage the network infrastructure

Remote Support

Remote Support  is easy, fast and secure Remote Desktop Management of your entire computing infrastructure from anywhere. With our remote control software you’ll no longer have to struggle to figure out how you’re going to find that laptop in the field, and you’ll never have to change your firewall settings in order to gain access to computers behind a NAT or gateway.

Remote control software provides the tools needed for secure remote access to all of your managed computers. Administrators  have complete control over the  remote control functions,  including passwords, notification method, screen mode and control level. In addition the remote control software allows administrators to grant end user access their machines remotely. Each end user also has the capability of optionally blocking remote control software access to their computer systems .  Administrators also have the ability to manage remote computers that are not part of their managed infrastructure thru video streaming and can also utilize the video streaming feature for training  sessions or to a handle a quick support call.

Key Features:

  • E mail Alerts
  • Accessible From Anywhere
  • Full History Retention
  • Complete Automation for Patch Discovery and Deployment Patch
  • Complete Patch RollBack
  • Comprehensive History and Reporting
  • System / Network Monitoring
  • Windows Event Monitoring
  • Network  Watch Discovery
  • Comprehensive Log and Alert Reporting
  • Complete Automation of Computer Inventory and Audits
  • Accurate, up to date Computer Software  and Hardware Inventory
  • Track and Report Inventory Changes
  • Detailed list, table and graphic style reports
  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Changes to Computer Hardware or Software
  • Disk Utilization
  • License Usage and Compliance
  • Network Usage and Statistics
  • Server and Workstation Uptime History
  • Help Desk Trouble Tickets
  • Computer Logs and Status
  • Security Patch and Update Status