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What is a Managed Hosted Desktop?

SNS IT has developed a Hosted “Cloud” Desktop service for partners that allows their business clients to access files, applications and emails directly over the internet with a full, single point of access, Windows Desktop – all fully managed for you by our experienced support team.

One of the key benefits of this SNS IT Cloud offering is that there is no upfront capital expenditure required. Instead, partners pay a single, fixed monthly fee determined by the number of your client’s employees and the applications hosted. An important benefit of switching to a hosted environment is that the costs of supporting the client’s onsite IT equipment – PCs, switches and printers – are likely to drop significantly.

SNS IT’s Managed Hosted Desktop has been designed to enable partners to provide Cloud solutions for zero capital cost. Our service allows all your clients to have a single point of access for a Windows Desktop with Microsoft Office, Outlook email, web browser and any other applications that you wish to host on our platform.  Your clients can work from any location – office, home or on the move – where there is internet access.  For each partner we create a bespoke setup with a unique test environment to ensure that your clients new cloud service works from day one.

SNS IT has the ability to host multiple versions of applications concurrently to meet each clients requirements.

The data and applications are held in secure Data Centre’s, located in different parts of the UK.  All data is encrypted and backed up automatically to a separate Data Centre, with each user only able to access the files they have permission to open.

We include our unique Secure Space service in our offering, allowing users web browser access to their files.

What does a basic Hosted Desktop include?

As standard, each Hosted Desktop user has access to the following:

hosted desktop