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With the increasing use of the Internet for all businesses it is critical that you are aware of a new issue for business. Viruses and hackers are constantly evolving and pose a real threat in today’s society.

To protect against these threats you must ensure that you firstly have virus protection, and secondly a barrier (known as a firewall) between potential hackers and your business computer systems. The most crucial factor for virus protection and firewall is that they are kept up to date so they protect against the latest virus versions and hacker threats.

Implications of an attack:

With the increasing threats posed by more sophisticated viruses such as the recent MyDoom outbreak and hackers, more and more companies are now outsourcing there IT security to trained experts. Outsourcing to specialists enables you and your business to focus on core activities that generate revenue safe in the knowledge that SNS IT Ltd are protecting your IT systems.

Managed Antivirus:

Whether you have a single or multiple PCs, Servers, Laptops or PDAs, SNS IT Ltd has a managed antivirus solution for you.

We have partnered with Kaspersky Labs, a highly respected antivirus protection organisation, to provide an antivirus solution that is updated and managed by experts. As a business owner or manager you can be sure that we will monitor, update and manage the antivirus protection for leaving you free to concentrate on running the core elements of your business.

All this can be achieved by subscribing to an affordable monthly plan that can be tailored to your business requirements. If however you do not wish to benefit from the managed options we can still provide our award winning antivirus on a licensed basis.

Managed Firewall:

Firewall acts as a first line in defense for combating hackers. This is available as a hardware or software firewall depending on the requirements of the individual or business. Our managed firewall service examines all inbound and outbound traffic passing through your IT system, permitting only traffic, which meets a certain criteria to enter. This criterion is determined by the business user, but administered, managed and configured by SNS IT Ltd. Unsolicited traffic sent by hackers through the Internet will be blocked, whilst maintaining transparent access for employees and customers.

The Benefits of SNS IT Ltd’s Managed Firewall:

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