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There are two types of company…… those who have lost data and those that will lose data.

Computer backup is a process that everybody hates to do, but is a necessity to ensure one of your most important company assets is securely protected. Many businesses think that they are already doing backup but they fail to consider its efficiency and effectiveness.

You should ask yourself:

Backup Solutions

At SNS IT, we have a range of backup solutions to suit your business and computing requirements. Our comprehensive services to encompass our PC/Laptop version, Server Lite and Server Pro ensure your systems are backed up a protected.

PC/Laptop Version

This online backup can be run as a ‘hands free’ Managed Service or as an In-House system from as little as £5.95 per month, which translates to just 20 pence per day depending on your requirements. this solution is specifically designed for PC’s and or Laptops that do not use Microsoft Windows Server operating systems. We are so confident that this service will transform your system Backup efficiency that we will give you 10 days to try the product absolutely free.

Backup Lite

Backup Lite is designed for print and file servers usually found in smaller business that run Microsoft Server operating systems including Windows Server (NT4 SP4, 2000, 2003).

Backup Pro

Backup Pro solution is tailored for the more complex data backup requirements that is required by some larger organisations. These include back up of Microsoft SQL and Exchange, Unix, Linux, Solaris & Novelle to name a few.

For a free trial of the Online Backup Lite or Pro service please contact us.

Our online backup solutions will provide:

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