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Want to access and share your data from anywhere in the world? Via your Smartphone, PC or any Web enabled device? SNS IT offers a unique hosted storage service that offers security and stability for a fixed monthly fee.

What is Secure Space?

SNS IT has developed a secure hosted storage service for partners that allow businesses to access and share files  directly over the internet with a fully secure WebDAV  SSL certified connection. One of the key benefits of using Secure Space is that is the ability to map the service to your local drive – meaning that you can seamlessly drag and drop any files you wish to upload without the need for any bulky interface. File folders can be set to either public or private permissions, ensuring that every employee can only access the files that your clients want them to see – keeping other files completely confidential. Each user by default is allocated 5GB in storage.

Lose your laptop, or experience a desktop crash? Simply load the map onto the new machine and log in to the service to reconnect your Secure Space account. Use the WebDAV Navigator App to access your files from an iOS or Android device -alternatively login via the Web Portal.

The entire service is hosted and continually backed up to our secure data centers, providing extra protection for your clients’ critical files.